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CompanyFlix makes it possible for you to have a professionally produced video at a fraction of the price you would pay anywhere else! CompanyFlix specializes in producing two powerful video packages, one called a Standard Video and the other called a Mini Infomercial. Both videos are packaged in a unique Video Email “Postcard” that has a “live link” that drives the viewer directly to your website. The Video Postcard includes custom text that you can change as often as you want. In addition to the Video Email Postcard, you also get the video file that allows you to post your Video/Infomercial on You Tube, your website, Facebook, Twitter, and a host of other sites, at no additional charge whatsoever. You can also make your own DVD’s.

The Standard Video and the Mini Infomercial include the following:

  • Production of a Standard Video up to 2 minutes in length or a Mini Infomercial up to 10 minutes in length
  • Unlimited use of our multi-million dollar Stock Footage Video Library
  • Professional broadcast off-camera narrator (Standard Video)
  • Professional on-camera Host/Director (Mini Infomercial)
  • Professional Editing
  • Royalty free production music
  • Character Generation for creation of titles and bullet points
  • Animation library
  • Encoding and video compression
  • The video file to post your video to You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and to make your own DVD’s
  • A special Video Email “Postcard” with a “live link” to your website
  • Customer support
  • As soon as you place your order, you will receive a link to a submittal site with a complete set of instructions for uploading your material. The Standard Package and Mini Infomercial include appropriate scenes we select from over eleven thousand video clips in our multi-million dollar stock footage video library.  In fact, we have produced videos for many of our clients with scenes entirely from our stock footage video library! CLICK HERE to see an example. However, most clients mix scenes from our video stock footage with their own photos and/or video clips, providing an end product that simply can't be beat anywhere for the price. Best of all….You own the video!


    The Standard Video. is up to two minutes in length and is produced from the script you provide, still photographs you upload on our Submittal Site and video clips we select from our Stock Footage Video Library. If you have your own video clips, you can also send them on our server for speedy transfer of large files. Please click below to see an example of a Standard Video. All of the still photos you will see in the video were provided by the client and all of the video clips you will see in the example were selected by the client from our Stock Footage Video Library.

    $1,200.00 Standard Package



    The Mini Infomercial is up to ten minutes in length and is produced from an interview videotaped via webcam of you and any other individuals you select. In addition, we can also record testimonials, via webcam, from people you select. Gary Rogers will direct you and/or others you select for videotaping and will act as your on-camera host. All you need is a webcam and a broadband internet connection! No script is necessary. You simply provide Gary Rogers with questions you would like him to ask about your business and then simply do what you do best… about your business! We will “dress up” the Mini Infomercial with video clips we select from our Stock Footage Video Library and any still photos you provide. Intro and exit music is included along with “bullet points” and animation from our animation library.

    $1,200.00 Mini Infomercial

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