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The Ultimate Course For Entrepreneurs
The Masterclass is divided into three parts.
Part One consists of providing me with information I need to help you create a script for your 60-second Promotional Video and Elevator Pitch.  When the script is completed to your satisfaction, you will be required to memorize and pass-off the memorized script before you can schedule Part Two.  Instructions for completing Part One are found on this page.  If you have any questions, please send an email to or call me at 801-216-4064.
Part Two consists of two-hour classes conducted over 3 consecutive days, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Your Promotional Video is filmed on Friday of the week you select, and will be completed the following week.  Part Two can be scheduled as soon as you have completed Part One.
Part Three consists of weekly one-hour “live” Zoom training sessions with me for one full year!   Part Three begins upon completion of Part Two.  You also receive weekly URL's of up-coming networking events where you can promote your services.
Introduction to the Course (watch first)
More detailed training that will be helpful to you
Sample Promotional Video
Creating a Promotional Video
Sample Promotional Video Script
Video Conferencing Tools

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