Thank you for registering!
Please view the video below for instructions on your
Video Conferencing Masterclass.
Please download either the Word or pdf document below.  Insert the names and email addresses of the individuals attending the masterclass and email the list to  The Masterclass is limited to a maximum of eight people from your organization Please email the list as soon as possible.  If you have questions, please call 801-216-4064.
As soon as we receive the list of attendees, we'll email each attendee instructions
on what they need to do to prepare for the Masterclass.  

The Masterclass is divided into two parts.
Part One begins as soon as we receive the list of participants. Each participant will receive a link, via email, that will provide instant access to over four hours of pre-recorded video training modules.  The videos contain instructions necessary for producing a custom Promotional Video.  Each participant will be required to email a first draft of their Promotional Video before Part two can be scheduled.  Part Two can be scheduled as soon as we have received all participants drafts
Part Two consists of “live” video coaching with Gary Rogers, via webcam.  Class begins on Monday, then two days later, on Wednesday, and two days later, on Friday.  The Promotional Videos are filmed on Friday of the first week and completed the following week.  Part Two also includes additional one-hour coaching sessions each week for 12 weeks.  Different times and dates can be selected for the additional 12 weeks of training to make it more convenient for scheduling.

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