The greatest human fear is speaking in front of other people!

"The fear of public speaking affects
between 75% to 95% of the population."


When you speak in front of other people do you.....
Feel self concious
Feel your heart beating faster
Feel your legs start to wobble
Feel your body start to sweat
Feel your mouth getting dry
Forget your thoughts
Feel nervous
Feel like you're going to faint
Feel everyone is staring at you
Feel your hands shaking
Feel your voice quivering
Feel panicked
Warren Buffett said he would actually throw up!

 Warren Buffett would literally throw up at the thought of speaking in

front of other people.  CLICK HERE to see Warren Buffett talk about it.

Warren Buffett, considered the world's greatest investor, said the best investment he ever made was  a public speaking skills course. 
He said it changed his life!

"The one easy way to become worth 50% MORE than you are now, is to hone your communication skills!"

Warren Buffett

"The top predictor of professional success and upward mobility is how much you enjoy and how good you are at public speaking."

Study by AT&T and Stanford University

by becoming a great speaker and presenter!

Gary Rogers

Coaching "live" via webcam
from any part of the world
Each Course Will Help You
Command Attention
Become Recognized As A Leader
Stand Out In A Crowd
Gain Self Assurance
Increase Your Confidence
Make More Money
and much, much, more!

Personal directing by Gary Rogers

Use of our multi-million-dollar stock footage video library
Assistance with creating your script
Use of our stock footage animation library

Creation of titles and bullet points
Video editing
Uploading your own photos or video clips
Production of Your Own Custom
One-Minute Promotional Video
Featuring YOU On-Camera
Bill Wotochek
Fast Fund Capital
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How soon can I schedule the "live" coaching sessions?

As soon as you have completed the video training and assignments, and feel you're ready to proceed.

When do I get my Promotional Video?

Your Promotional Video is recorded on the 3rd day of your "live" coaching session. You will receive your video within 3 working days after filming is completed.

How many people are in each "live" coaching session?

The number of students vary in each session, from a minimum of 1, up to a maximum of 12 people in the Individual Package and a maximum of 6 people in the Corporate Package.

Can I schedule different days, over a period of weeks, for the "live" coaching sessions or do they have to be five consecutive days?

The Individual Package allows you to select any available Monday, Wednesday or Friday over any time period. The Corporate Package requires you to book Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the same week.

Can I invite friends to take the course with me?

Yes! As long as they are clients. Give them the URL link to this page, then coordinate with them to schedule the same days for your "live" coaching sessions.

Can you produce additional Promotional Videos for me in the future? If so, what would the cost be?

Yes! If you are a client, we can produce more Promotional Videos at a cost $295 each.

How do I receive the prerecorded training videos?

As soon as you submit your order, you will receive a link that will allow you instant access to the prerecorded videos, instructions and other training material

Public speaking terrifies me! Can I take the "live" coaching sessions without appearing on camera?

No! That would be like taking swimming lessons without getting into the water! I guarantee you will enjoy the experience..

What if I'm not happy with the course? Can I get a full refund?

If you have completed the assignments and feel the course was not worth every penny you spent, we will issue a full refund, within 30 days from the date of purchase.

If you have questions, please call
us at 801-216-4064 or email us at

All packages below include separate prerecorded video training modules containing over 10 hours of training,

in addition to the "live" video coaching you will receive, via webcam, by Gary Rogers.


Open to Anyone
Up to 12 People Maximum

$1,295 Per Person

"live" training, via webcam,one- hour per day over 3 separate days

Monday, Wednesday and Friday


Open to Any Business or Group
Up to 6 People Maximum

$5,900 Total Cost Per Group

"live" training, via webcam,one- hour per day over 3 separate days

Monday, Wednesday and Friday


Open to Any Individual
Private One-on-One Coaching

$2,400 Per Person

"live" training, via webcam,one- hour per day over 3 separate days

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

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