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Gary Rogers, former Hollywood Director, will teach you the cheapest,
easiest, & fastest way to get clients, with a good Elevator Pitch!
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Gary Rogers
Gary Rogers has spent over 40 years as a professional speaker, public speaking coach and an executive in the television production, motion picture industry. Gary has produced TV Commercials, Infomercials and corporate videos for many of the world's largest companies, including; AT&T, Motorola, Mitsubishi, Proctor & Gamble, Toyota, Nissan, Honeywell, Toshiba, Blue Cross, Coca-Cola and many more.

Gary is a master teacher and director.  He has had the opportunity to direct many Hollywood stars, including Academy-Award-winning actor, Charlton Heston.

Gary is the CEO of CompanyFlix, an international communications company, teaching businesses and people just like you how
to look good and attract clients, on-camera.
Two hours of virtual "live" training on Zoom with Gary Rogers.  The Workshop is held monthly on the first Tuesday from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM, Eastern Time, or on the Third Friday from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM, Eastern Time.

After the Workshop is completed, you will be asked to email a rough draft of what you think
would be a good 60-second elevator pitch, based on what you have learned in the Workshop.  You can do this at your own pace.

Gary Rogers will then rewrite your script, based on the information you have provided.  Gary will meet with you on as many private Zoom sessions as are necessary, until you have exactly what you want for your elevator pitch. 

You will then be asked to memorize your script so that you can deliver it without stumbling.  This can be done at your own pace

When your script is memorized, you can schedule up to eight
separate small group sessions on Zoom with Gary where he will help you perfect your delivery and presentation skills.  Zoom sessions are held on different days and times for your convenience. 

and you will have the option, anytime during the next 12 months, to purchase our $1,895 "Ultimate Course For Entrepreneurs" for only $595!
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Your order is backed by a 30 day, 100% money-back guarantee
from the date of purchase
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Participants grant CompanyFlix the right to videotape the Masterclass, and all rights to said videotape.
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